Diversity and Inclusion Program

Published research work results from a selection process through peer reviewing. This age-old process is still recognized as essential to guarantee scientific quality. It also plays a major role in research dissemination. For many professionals, publication rate has become an important metric to evaluate achievements. Therefore, it is crucial to uphold objective selection.
To ensure equal chances, research has developed strategies and tools to ensure fairness and representativeness. In this panel, experts will share their experience with the publication selection process. On the one side, discussions will be conducted on how program committees and editors have taken into consideration the importance of diversity and inclusion. On the other side, questions will be raised on strategies to ensure access to everyone, both to publishing and in the decision making process, regardless of their origin and work conditions.
During the Eurographics diversity panel, attendees will be given the opportunity to share their experience. By collecting experiences and ideas, we aim at developing a road map to consolidate diversity and inclusion in future reviewing endeavors.
Panel members:

Pierre Alliez, INRIA, France
Ursula Augsdorfer, TU Graz, Austria
Mathieu Desbrun, Ecole Polytechnique/INRIA, France
Niloy Mitra, University College London, UK
Nuria Pelechano, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain


Eurographics Diversity & Inclusion Program Chairs

Celine Loscos, Principal Research Engineer, Huawei France
Gurprit Singh, Senior Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany